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Norton Ghost 9.0 [OLD VERSION]

Provides advanced backup and recovery for your PC. Protect your data by making a backup of the contents of your hard drive - without restarting Windows. Incremental backups save you time and disk space…

Submitted:Dec 22, 2004
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Category:Computer Security
91 diggs • 2 comments • Dec 22, 2004

Norton Ghost for $4.99!!!!

Symantec?s Norton Ghost 9.0 provides advanced backup and recovery for your PC. Protect your data by making a backup of your hard drive?s contents--without restarting Windows. Incremental backups save you time and disk space. You can even schedule backups to run automatically. .. There are $60 in rebates!!


Great Sonny Chiba Street Fighter Movies (The Street Fighter / Return Of The Street Fighter / The Street Fighter's Last Revenge)

3 Great Movies on 1 DVD. Star Power, Exciting Genre with Extras on each DVD…

Submitted:Dec 22, 2004
Brand:Bfs Entertainment
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Category:Martial Arts
11 diggs • 0 comments • Dec 22, 2004

Three Sonny Chiba Films, Six Bucks

This is what I call a deal. The Street Fighter, Return Of The Street Fighter, and The Street Fighter's Last Revenge. Get in on the Sonny Chiba action.


Viking 128 MB CompactFlash Card (CF128M)

Five year replacement warranty and 30-day money-back guaranteeOptimized for use in PDAs MP3 players or digital camerasWrite speed guaranteed to exceed 1.2 MB per second (8X) with independent test results exceeding 2.25 MB per second (15X)High quality components guarantee steady performance the utmost durability and breadth of compatibilityIndividually tested to ensure each product works the first time everytime

Submitted:Dec 17, 2004
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Category:Audio & Video Accessories
57 diggs • 1 comment • Dec 17, 2004

Viking 128 MB CompactFlash Card (CF128M) $2.99 After Rebate.

Amazon has the Viking 128 MB CompactFlash Card (CF128M) selling for $18.99 with a $16 rebate (exp. 12/31/04) making your cost $2.99. Free shipping on orders of $25 or more and no taxes for most.

34 diggs • 9 comments • Feb 10, 2005

Viking 128mb CompactFlash Card - $1.99!

$17.99 - $16.00 rebate = $1.99! (Valid from 2/1 thru 2/28) Not sure how long this price will last. Download the rebate form at:


Velocity DVD-R 4X 4.7GB, 10-Spindle

Velocity DVD-R has 4.7GB of recording capacity ¿ about six times the storage capacity of a CD-R - and has excellent recording quality, manufactured with high-quality organic dye recording layer materials that ensure reliable recording and playback function. The disc has a recording speed up to 4x and will empower you to burn the whole DVD-R disc in less than 20 minutes! It features write-once digital versatile disc and is perfect for massive capacity multimedia projects, data transfer, hard drive backup and archival storage. Important Notice: DVD-R discs are only write compatible with DVD-R/W drives and dual drives…

Submitted:Dec 14, 2004
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Category:DVD-R Discs
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10pk Velocity 4X DVD-R Media Free after $8MIR from Amazon

Amazon has 10pk Velocity 4X DVD-R Media free after $8 rebate. Free shipping on $25+ orders.


Apex DRX-9200 DVD Recorder/Player

It's time to fondly kiss VHS VCR farewell. Time to go digital with this simple to use DVD Recorder and Player. With its built-in TV tuner, you can record TV shows onto DVD+R and DVD+RW discs. There's even a monthly event timer to pre-program recording, just like your old VCR. It's such an easy transition! Now get this. This will also play audio CD discs including CDR and CDRW with MP3 encoded files. View photos that were stored on Kodak Picture CD. The Apex DRX-9200 DVD player/recorder offers digital recording, a progressive-scan DVD player, and a lot more…

Submitted:Dec 11, 2004
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Category:DVD Recorders
6 diggs • 1 comment • Dec 11, 2004

Amazon Selling A Tv Top Dvd-rw With Firewire For $129?

Apex DRX-9200 DVD Recorder/PlayerList Price: $359.99 Price: $179.99 You Save: $180.00 (50%) Mail-In Rebates: $50.00 Price After Rebates: $129.99


T-Mobile Sidekick II Phone (T-Mobile)

The latest phone features, like an integrated camera with built-in flash, plus the convenience of wireless e-mail. Improved keyboard makes it easy on your thumbs. Includes a free 6 MB e-mail account…

Submitted:Dec 10, 2004
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Category:Cell Phones with Service
43 diggs • 8 comments • Mar 1, 2005

Lowest Price Ever on Sidekick II

They wouldn't be lowering the prices on them do to all the bad publicity they received after Paris Hilton was hacked now would they?

24 diggs • 1 comment • Feb 9, 2005

T-Mobile Sidekick II Phone - FREE after rebates

$174.99 - $200 in rebates = you make $25.01 on the T-Mobile Sidekick II

14 diggs • 3 comments • Apr 9, 2005

T-Mobile Sidekick II - Make $50

T-Mobile Sidekick II Phone (T-Mobile) - Get $50 Back after Rebate! # The T-Mobile Sidekick II is the ultimate communication device # Built-in camera with flash w/ Photo-ID# Built-in speakerphone and organizer # A large color screen that flips open to reveal a full QWERTY keyboard makes for quick and easy communication.

12 diggs • 0 comments • Dec 10, 2004

T-Mobile Side Kick II for -$50

Amazon has the new SideKick for a great deal!


Logitech Z-3 Wood Grained 2.1 Speakers

Enjoy the home stereo styling and premium sound of Logitech’s Z-3 speaker system, featuring an innovative home audio inspired design. Phase plug satellites and pressure driver subwoofer technology produce the high quality sound you expect from Logitech. Satellites feature a brushed aluminum face and removable grilles. Sound and style. Wood grained satellites and subwoofer, phase plug driver, headphone jack, cast metal stands patented sub-woofer design…

Submitted:Dec 8, 2004
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Category:Computer Speakers
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Logitech Z-3 Wood Grained 2.1 Speakers $25

Amazon has the Logitech Z-3 Wood Grained 2.1 Speakers for $25 after $10 rebate. Free shipping.


iRobot Roomba Intelligent Floorvac Robotic Vacuum, Red

Roomba Red Robotic FloorVac

Submitted:Dec 6, 2004
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Category:Robotic Vacuums
11 diggs • 1 comment • Dec 6, 2004

iRobot Roomba 4100 - $100.99 Shipped.

Selling "on sale" for $125.99 with free shipping and no taxes for most. Apply coupon code DECEMBERKHBB ($25 off $125 - exp. 12/19/04) at checkout and your price drops to $100.99.


Half-Life 2: Collector's Edition

Half-Life 2 Collector's Edition delivers a new level of realistic action and excitement. Players return to the world of Gordon Freeman, as he returns to the Black Mesa research facility. The aliens are pouring into our world, and Freeman becomes part of a resistance group to stop them. New weapons, new enemies and new characters are waiting -- along with major enhancements in animation, artificial intelligence and graphics…

Submitted:Dec 4, 2004
Brand:Vivendi Universal
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14 diggs • 1 comment • Jul 23, 2005

Half Life 2 Collector's Edition for $34.99!

Amazon had an incredible deal on the Half Life 2 Collector's Edition for only $34.99. This includes the game, a t-shirt as well as Counter-Strike: Source, and Half-Life: Source.

12 diggs • 0 comments • Dec 4, 2004

Half Life 2 Collector's Edition, $59.99 Shipped!

Direct from, Half Life 2 Collector's Edition selling for $59.99 + free shipping!


Apple iPod 20 GB U2 Special Edition Black M9787LL/A (4th Generation) OLD MODEL

Like no other, iPod U2 Special Edition stands out. Jet Black, it bears a prominent red Apple Click Wheel and, on the flip side, the autographs of each U2 band member. It comes with an exclusive U2 poster, and, of course, the signature white iPod earbuds…

Submitted:Dec 2, 2004
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Category:MP3 Players
19 diggs • 0 comments • Dec 2, 2004

iPod U2 Edition for $331.55 Shipped has the iPod U2 edition for $331.55 including shipping. The normal price is $349.00.