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Insider's Guide to Being a Dramatic Play and Screenplay Writer

RE-DISCOVER the Art, Science, Rules, Conventions, Rewards and Crafting surrounding DRAMA AND PLAYWRITING

Making Sense of what it takes to write a GREAT PLAY, DRAMA or THEATER piece for stage and audience, critics, dramatic enthusiasts, is now within YOUR easy reach and at YOUR disposal.

Sort through for yourself all the challenges, options, potential, conventions, rules, structure and unearth answers and solutions THAT ARE RIGHT FOR YOU AND YOUR play-writing…

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Author:Jennifer Light
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Discovering The Strategies for Composing An Awesome Dramatic Play

Require Screenplay Writer techniques for effective script composing? Learn how to write a script and how to establish the stage, obtain from the beginning to the end, beginning things out the right way, moving from concept, theme to time along with activity on stage, the fundamentals and basis, basics and cornerstones of script writing, the best way to maintain the tempo and fascination of the piece and viewers, the elements of the unfolding episode, tension, suspensions, conflict, possibility, promise, modification as well as coincidence and how they may be woven and inter-played to get laden action and best impact. Uncover play-writing strategies for logic sequences, maintaining a secret, ending things with a good and high attention, tension-building, anti-climax and climax, argument and a lot more.


Survey of American Christian Theatre from 1975 to 2000: Three Case Studies

This book discusses the genesis of Christian Theatre, as ritualistic theatre, and its ebb and flow through the ages. It looks at its alienation from the Church and eventual acceptance within the confines of most Christian churches. It investigates three different genres of Christian Theatre from 1975 to 2000, as it observes their similarities and differences. In conclusion, it considers the projected future for all three genres, and for Christian Theatre in general. The Appendix includes three distinct questionnaires, compiled by the author, and sent to the individual theatre groups, along with their answers, as well as photos of each particular case study…

Submitted:Jan 23, 2011
Author:Beverly Dennison
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Inside Inside


Each week Inside the Actors Studio takes the unique insights and intimate revelations of its celebrated guests into 84 million homes on the Bravo network and 125 countries. Now, with Inside Inside, James Lipton, the 2007 recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Emmy, is handing every one of us a backstage pass…

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Author:James Lipton
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TV To Go: Top 10 Books About Television

Sometimes we can't take our TV along, here are some of the greatest books about television that can be taken anywhere you go. Including books about Law and Order, TV Game Show Hosts, Lucille Ball, Bob Newhart, Inside the Actor's Studio, Peter Jennings, and more.