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Musical Chairs

Musical Chairs explores one family's history of mental health diagnoses and searches to define the cusp between a '90s working-class childhood and the trouble of adapting to a comfortable life in the suburbs. In order to understand her restlessness, Jennifer reflects on years of strip-dancing, alcoholism, and estrangement. Inspired by the least likely source, the family she left behind, Jennifer struggles towards reconciliation. This story is about identity, class, family ties, and the elusive nature of mental illness…

Submitted:Nov 7, 2009
Author:Jen Knox
Brand:All Things That Matter Press
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2 diggs • 0 comments • Nov 7, 2009 Musical Chairs (9780984259427): Jen Knox: Books

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The Infamous Schlemiel

Sophie, a result of her mother’s unwanted pregnancy, found abuse rather than love from her mother, a woman with multiple personalities. In spite of the difficulties she faced, she always picked up the pieces and looked to a brighter future. After giving birth to two children when she was under the age of eighteen, Sophie was deemed worthless and nothing more than a loser. This didn’t stop this young, vibrant girl from finding her own identity through a punk-rock lifestyle and venturing out into unknown territory. Though her exotic-dancing career made her feel sexy and wanted, she was still very empty inside…

Submitted:Jun 7, 2011
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1 diggs • 0 comments • Jan 5, 2012 Used and New: The Infamous Schlemiel

1 diggs • 1 comment • Jun 7, 2011 The Infamous Schlemiel (9781608368853): V.: Books The Infamous Schlemiel (9781608368853): V.: Books


No Momma's Boy: How I Let Go of My Past and Embraced the Future

Tired of keeping his life-long secrets, author Dominic Carter, described by some as the best of New York’s political television reporters, shares his remarkable, gut-wrenching story of abuse at the hands of his mother in No Momma’s Boy.

Shortly after his mother’s death, Carter obtains her psychiatric records to learn more about the extent of her struggles. He always knew she was plagued by mental illness, but because of their limited relationship, he never truly understood its severity. In addition to revealing that she was a paranoid schizophrenic, the records contain shocking secrets from his past of which he has little or no recollection…

Submitted:Jul 15, 2011
Author:Dominic Carter
Brand:iUniverse, Inc.
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1 diggs • 0 comments • Jul 15, 2011 Customer Reviews: No Momma's Boy: How I Let Go of My Past and Embraced the Future. Dominic Carter

The remarkable life story of journalist Dominic Carter

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Amazing Life story of journalist Dominic Carter. From the housing projects of NYC to the top of the journalism world. No Momma's Boy: How I Let Go of My Past and Embraced the Future (9780595428397): Dominic Carter: Books


There's Moore to Life

Have you ever felt lost, lonely, and became your own worst enemy? I had never thought I would become the person I did. Alcohol and drugs had been the highlight of my life. I would do pretty much anything for them, including lying, stealing, and robbing others to feed my own addictions. I became a very angry man over the years and did a lot of jail time because of my associations and behaviour. After almost 30 convictions, 17 years of drinking and drugging, I finally became emotionally numb and did not know how to react to anyone or anything. On September 7th, 2005, I started an even harder journey to break free from the way I was living…

Submitted:Aug 22, 2011
Author:Robert Moore
Brand:Ardith Publishing
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2 diggs • 0 comments • Aug 22, 2011 There's Moore to Life (9780986915208): Robert Moore: Books There's Moore to Life (9780986915208): Robert Moore: Books


Scarred: A Memoir

In 1978, seven-year-old George Molho was kidnapped by his own father. For a year, he survived mental and physical abuse to the point of torture. He found it easier to get used to hell, instead of hoping that heaven was around the corner. George eventually escaped, but surviving the aftermath proved to be much more difficult.

Past and present are skillfully woven together to connect the pieces of Molho's childhood and adult life that shaped the man he would become. The old adage 'love conquers all' is splayed open to reveal the inner workings that we all seek to understand…

Submitted:Dec 9, 2011
Author:George Molho
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2 diggs • 0 comments • Dec 9, 2011 Scarred: A Memoir (9781440195136): George Molho: Books

What People Are Saying About Scared "I'm not one for non-fiction generally, but this grabbed my attention from page one. It reads so much like a novel that it's difficult to believe that the events actually took place. It's sad and touching, humorous and inspiring. Such a wonderful read!" Scared – My Latest release is now available.

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