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Handbook of Physics in Medicine and Biology

In considering ways that physics has helped advance biology and medicine, what typically comes to mind are the various tools used by researchers and clinicians. We think of the optics put to work in microscopes, endoscopes, and lasers; the advanced diagnostics permitted through magnetic, x-ray, and ultrasound imaging; and even the nanotools, that allow us to tinker with molecules…

Submitted:May 4, 2010
Brand:CRC Press
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Category:Systems Analysis & Design
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Handbook of Physics in Medicine and Biology; Robert Splinter

Handbook of Physics in Medicine and Biology by Robert Splinter.Instead of considering one aspect or the other, Handbook of Physics in Medicine and Biology explores the full gamut of physics’ relationship to biology and medicine, written by experts. The text details various analytical modalities and technological foundations. A must read


A New Host-Based Hybrid IDS Architecture - A Mind Of Its Own: The Know-how Of Host-Based Hybrid Intrusion Detection System Architecture Using Machine Learning Algorithms With Feature Selection

In a world where our every day life depends on what is going on in the gap between stimulus and reaction, Intruders could make the decision for you. Unless they are detected on time! Network security has been an issue since computers have been networked together. Lots of vulnerabilities, risks and threats came to the scene. An important security product that has emerged is Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS). The author proposes a new Host-Based Hybrid Intrusion Detection System. The Intrusion Detection Analyzer Module consists of two analyzers that work in a hybrid architecture: Anomaly Detection Analyzer and Misuse Detection Analyzer…

Submitted:Aug 28, 2009
Author:Murat Topallar
Brand:VDM Verlag
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Category:Machine Learning
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A new network security book on intrusion detection systems

In this book I am proposing a new host-based hybrid IDS architecture. I believe it will be very useful and inspiring for anyone who is performing research or is just interested in IDS, network security, information security, machine learning, neural networks, pattern recognition, and data mining. It provides innovative ideas for dissertations.


The Complete Idiot's Guide to Understanding Intelligent Design

An objective overview of the biggest controversy in American education…

Submitted:Dec 3, 2007
Author:Christopher Carlisle
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Category:Artificial Intelligence
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Behold the world's most redundant book title



Fluid Concepts And Creative Analogies: Computer Models Of The Fundamental Mechanisms Of Thought

"Will change your idea of what it is to be creative and even what it is to be human."--(William Poundstone, New York Times Book Review)

Submitted:Mar 14, 2007
Author:Douglas R. Hofstadter
Brand:Basic Books
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Category:Cognitive Simulation
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Amazon's First Book!

An earlier edition of this book was the first sold on Amazon in July 1995.


TechTV's Mod Mania with Yoshi: A Guide to Customizing Your Computer and Other Digital Devices

What's lemon yellow with a red headlight and a porthole window that allows users to peer at its innards? Could be your computer if you get this guide to the art and science of "modding" from TechTV personality (and modding maniac!) Yoshi Deherrera. In these pages, Yoshi introduces you to the wild and wacky world of computer and device customization--or modding (if you hadn't already figured it out). Using modding projects like those he displays on The Screen Savers TV show, Yoshi shows you all kinds of ways to dress up that beast on your desktop--from adding neon lights to creating the ultimate gaming machine…

Submitted:Mar 11, 2005
Author:Joshua "Yoshi" DeHerrera
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Category:Software Engineering
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Mod Mania with Yoshi : A Guide to Customizing $10.87

Amazon has Mod Mania with Yoshi on sale for $10.87 for those who dont know Yoshi used to be on the screen savers show and dose some killer mods this is a verry good book for those looking to get into moding and has some good stuff even if you think you know all about moding