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The Gamer's Sex Guide

Every single time I see a book called "Better Sex" or "The Thousand Erotic Positions," I wonder who in the world would purchase such nonsense. Here's a common sense question to prove my point: can you name three of your friends who prefer to have sex with another human being? If you answered "I don't have any friends," then do I have a book for you…

Submitted:Jul 19, 2012
Author:William Anchor
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Category:Video Games
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The Gamer's Sex Guide - by W. Anchor [NSFW text]

Every single time I see a book called "Better Sex" or "The Thousand Erotic Positions," I wonder who in the world would purchase such nonsense. Here's a common sense question to prove my point: can you name three of your friends who prefer to have sex with another human being? If you answered "I don't have any friends," then do I have a book for you.


The Essential Guide to Android Widgets

Widgets can save you time and increase productivity and at the same time give you a practical way of personalizing your device, for that ultimate Android experience. Widgets provide information and/or tools right on your home screen. With a maximum of only six home screens on your Android device; however, finding out which ones are worth the space is important. has tinkered with hundreds of widgets before bringing you this eBook of the top ten Android widgets from various categories. We also give you step by step instructions on how to install widgets so that you can get the most out of your Android device…

Submitted:Apr 6, 2011
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Category:Games & Strategy Guides
3 diggs • 0 comments • Apr 6, 2011 The Essential Guide to Android Widgets eBook: Books has reviewed hundreds of widgets before bringing you this guide to the top ten Android widgets from various categories.


Diablo 2011 Wall Calendar (Calendar)

Two decades have passed since the demonic lords Diablo, Mephisto, and Baal set out on a vicious rampage, twisting humanity to their unholy will. Now Diablo III surfaces amid the rising powers of the Burning Hells. This calendar's twelve images of the Diablo III universe - an ethereal realm - will mesmerize fans of the game and dark-fantasy aficionados alike…

Submitted:Dec 11, 2010
Author:Blizzard Entertainment
Brand:Sellers Publishing Inc
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Category:Internet Games
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Follower don't miss.


FarmVille For Dummies

The only how-to, full-color book available on the game sensation FarmVille

With more than 80 million active players since the game?s release in 2009, there seems no end to the growing popularity of FarmVille. Whether accessed through the Facebook application or from the game?s Web site, this application is a worldwide phenomenon. Yet, there has been no beginner guide that offers an introduction to newcomers and updates to experienced players?until now. FarmVille For Dummies is aimed at getting novices acquainted with FarmVille rules and regulations, while more savvy players can sharpen their skills and find out how to stay up to date on the latest FarmVille features…

Submitted:Nov 24, 2010
Author:Angela Morales
Brand:For Dummies
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Category:Internet Games
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Worst Book Ever.

Do we seriously need this?


Wii For Dummies, New Edition (For Dummies (Computers))

Just got a Nintendo Wii game console? Thinking about one? Wii offers video games, exercise tools, the opportunity to create a cool Mii character, and lot of other entertainment options. Wii For Dummies shows you how to get the most from this fun family game system…

Submitted:Aug 21, 2008
Author:Kyle Orland
Brand:For Dummies
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Category:Video Games
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Wii For Dummies

If you don't know how to use the sweat Wii For Dummies is going to be out soon.


Mass Effect: Prima Official Game Guide / The Art of Mass Effect (2 Volume Set)

* Two Books: a $40 value - The Collector's Edition will include the FULL Mass Effect strategy guide PLUS the 192 page exclusive Mass Effect Art Book.

* Concept Art and Commentary - Prima's Mass Effect Art Book will include commentary from the developers at BioWare on the evolution of Mass Effect's elements, from ships to aliens to locations.

* Clean Box Art - Prima's one sheet for the guides will fall away when the shrinkwrap is removed, leaving pristine art, unmarred by logos, barcodes, or taglines…

Submitted:May 29, 2007
Author:Brad Anthony
Brand:Prima Games
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Category:Video Games
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Mass Effect released on or soon after August 27th?

The entry for the Mass Effect strategy guide claims a release date of August 27th--the game must surely be schedule for release that week. ZOMG mark your calendars!11!!!


Mass Effect (Prima Official Game Guide)

To get the full effect, you need this guide

•Full mission & optional assignment walkthroughs

•Massive galactic codex section for all the background you could want

•All Achievements and how to get them

•Mass Effect warfare secrets revealed

Submitted:May 10, 2007
Author:Stephen Stratton
Brand:Prima Games
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Category:Video Games
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How Far did Mass Effect really Slip?

Well, anyone that's been following the game knows the story of the delays. The most recent one being the most depressing by far.Microsoft said that the rumored delay to the September time frame was false speculation, and then I stumble across this while looking into buying the new Mass Effect book...


You and Wii: Everything You Need to Know (Prima Official Game Guides)

Everybody's Wii Guide!

·Mii stickers inside!

·Complete introduction to the Wii system, with instructions that are easy to follow.

·Thorough explanation of the Wii Menu, including Wii Channels and how to connect the console to the internet.

·Full description of Mii character creation from start to finish!

·Upload and edit your photos with the Wii using Photo Channel and our step-by-step instructions. Turn your favorite photos into a fun puzzle!

·Complete strategy for Wii Sports, the game included with the Wii console…

Submitted:Feb 21, 2007
Author:Dan Birlew
Brand:Prima Games
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Category:Video Games
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Stupidest Videogame Guide Ever? Yeah, probably...

Leave it to Prima to some out with a Wii Sports strategy guide...


Xbox 360For Dummies

Microsoft's Xbox now accounts for 37 percent of the game console market, and the new Xbox 360 is due out for the 2005 holiday season, months before Sony's PlayStation 3. When gamers take the new Xbox home, however, they'll soon discover that it's more than a just a game machine-it's a full-fledged home media hub with more power than most PCs. This friendly guide shows how to maximize both gaming and non-gaming features of this amazing machine…

Submitted:Aug 4, 2005
Author:Brian Johnson
Brand:For Dummies
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Category:Video Games
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Xbox 360 for Dummies

Xbox for Dummies takes the reader through the details of getting the Xbox up and running on the home TV. It goes on to expose functionality that system buyers might not even be aware of. HDTV support, Dolby sound, and networking make the Xbox a device to be reckoned with in the home entertainment setup.

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Xbox 360 For Dummies

Also pre-order Breathing For Dummies.

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Xbox 360 for Dummies

If your a "dummy" or just retarded this book is for YOU! Cheap price as well $13.59