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iPhone Open Application Development: Write Native Objective-C Applications for the iPhone

Certain technologies bring out everyone's hidden geek, and iPhone did the moment it was released. Even though Apple created iPhone as a closed device, tens of thousands of developers bought them with the express purpose of designing and running third-party software.

In this clear and concise book, veteran hacker Jonathan Zdziarski -- one of the original hackers of the iPhone -- explains the iPhone's native environment and how you can build software for this device using its Objective-C, C, and C++ development frameworks…

Submitted:Mar 4, 2008
Author:Jonathan Zdziarski
Brand:O'Reilly Media
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iPhone Native API Development Will Be in Objective-C

I got an email from Amazon about their latest book, "Author Jonathan Zdziarski, the developer of the first fully functional application using the open iPhone toolkit, now explains in clear language how to create applications using Objective-C and the iPhone API, which in some ways resembles Apple's desktop API and in some ways strikes new ground."


The Cult of Mac

There is no product on the planet that enjoys the devotion of a Macintosh computer. Apple's machines have legions of loyal, sometimes demented fans. The Cult of Mac surveys the devoted following that has grown up around Macintosh computers. Like fans of a football team or a rock group, Macintosh fanatics have their own subculture, with clearly defined obsessions, rites, and passages. Famously dedicated to their computers, many Mac fans eat, sleep, and breathe the Macintosh…

Submitted:Dec 24, 2005
Author:Leander Kahney
Brand:No Starch Press
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"The Cult of Mac" by Leander Kahney

I hadn't heard about this book before but... check out the cover art! That's very promising... I think it's worth $8 for that reason alone!

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Great book for any mac fan

This book isn't that new but its a great book add to the coffee table.