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Windows Vista for Seniors: For Senior Citizens Who Want to Start Using Computers (Computer Books for Seniors series)

The ultimate starting point for senior citizens who want to learn how to use a PC, this reference guides users through the basics of the Windows Vista operating system. Seniors can work through the book at their own pace while sitting at the computer, learning how to write letters and memos, send and receive e-mail, explore the World Wide Web, and customize computer settings. The information is suitable for users with Windows Vista, Internet Explorer 7, and Outlook Express 7…

Submitted:Nov 28, 2006
Author:Addo Stuur
Brand:Visual Steps Publishing
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Windows Vista for Seniors

This is a how to book for seniors that want to learn how to use Vista and computers. Is that the guy from the scooter commercial on the cover?


Breaking Through the BIOS Barrier: The Definitive BIOS Optimization Guide for PCs

What is a BIOS? BIOS, pronounced "bye-ose," is an acronym that standsfor Basic Input Output System. The BIOS is built-in software that determineswhat a computer can do without accessing programs from a disk. On PCs, theBIOS contains all the code required to control the keyboard, display screen,disk drives, serial communications, and a number of miscellaneous functions.Furthermore, The BIOS is responsible for booting your PC by providing abasic set of instructions. The BIOS performs all the necessary tasks that needto be initiated at start-up time: POST(Power-On Self Test, booting anoperating system from FDD or HDD)…

Submitted:Dec 29, 2005
Author:Adrian Wong
Brand:Prentice Hall PTR
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Book on optimizing your BIOS

No, it's not about optimizing your biography. This book is about the motherboard BIOS. Written by the folks from You can get the free version there too but I think it's the simpler version of the book.

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Superb reference on the BIOS and how to optimize it

Just bought this book and was impressed with it. Saw it in B&N but got it cheaper in Amazon.


Leo Laporte's 2006 Technology Almanac

Leo Laporte is TV and radio's most recognized and prolific technology personality, best known for his humor, wit and ability to teach both newcomers and grizzled PC veterans. In Leo Laporte's 2006 Technology Almanac, Leo provides a year's worth of anecdotes, tips, factoids, and musings about the machines at the center of your life…

Submitted:Oct 16, 2005
Author:Leo Laporte
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Leo Laporte's 2006 Technology Almanac

Leo went from plugging his book everyday on TechTV to releasing this one under the radar. Just wanted to get the word out for him.