01TheOne Women's KTL315B4 Kerala Trance Blue LED Gold Leather Watch

Do you know the code? This technologically impressive timepiece from 01 The One boasts a gorgeous design and a binary code time display. A 28.5-millimeter-wide gold-color leather band joins to an angular 33.5-millimeter-diameter gold-tone stainless steel case for a warm, hip look. The gold-tone dial showcases the 01 logo as well as two rows of aqua-colored LED lights that reveal the time with binary code. An instructional manual will clue you in to "the code" of this intriguing watch, which is water resistant to 99 feet…

Submitted:Jun 9, 2008
Brand:01 The One
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Category:Casual Watches
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3 diggs • 0 comments • Jun 10, 2008

The binary watch for.. Women?!?

Is there really a large market for this type of gadget?

3 diggs • 1 comment • Jun 9, 2008

Is there really a market for this??

Get this for your girlfriends diggers.