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Live Friday the 13th (CD/DVD)

Featuring live performances of three #1 singles from their multi-platinum, worldwide breakthrough album - "This Love", "She Will Be Loved", and "Harder to Breathe"...also featuring the never before released songs, "Wasted Years" & the Oasis cover, "Hello".

DVD Extras: • Exclusive interview documentary with writer/director Mitch Glaser • Behind-the-scenes and live performance photo montage. • 5.1 stereo mix • Directed by acclaimed DVD director Russell Thomas (Coldplay, Dido)…

Submitted:Mar 20, 2006
Brand:A&M / Octone
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Category:Adult Alternative
13 diggs • 1 comment • Mar 20, 2006

Amazon CONTINUES Selling Sony CDs With Broken DRM

Amazon’s Maroon 5 Live CD listing warns, "This Sony CD includes SunnComm MediaMax Version 5 content protection software that may expose security vulnerability when played on PCs." Seeing how it has been MONTHS since Sony was quite publicly requested to recall its MediaMax DRM'd CDs, WHAT ON EARTH IS AMAZON DOING STILL SELLING THIS TRASH?