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Russell Wiley Is Out to Lunch

Russell Wiley is in deep trouble. A media executive for the failing Daily Business Chronicle, his career is teetering on the brink of collapse, and his sexless marriage is fast approaching its expiration date. With his professional and personal lives floundering, it’s no wonder Russell is distracted, unhappy, and losing faith in himself. Making matters worse are his scheming boss, a hot-shot new consultant determined to see Russell ousted, and the beguiling colleague whose mere presence has a disconcerting effect on Russell’s starved libido. Disaster seems imminent…and that’s before he makes a careless mistake that could cost the paper millions…

Submitted:Aug 31, 2010
Author:Richard Hine
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2 diggs • 2 comments • Aug 31, 2010 Russell Wiley Is Out to Lunch (9781935597148): Richard Hine: Books Russell Wiley Is Out to Lunch (9781935597148): Richard Hine: Books