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Spaceship Handbook

Book Description Spaceship Handbook's subject is the historical development of the Spaceship during the 20th Century. Arranged in three Sections, "The Theoreticians," "The Entertainers," and "The Real Stuff," it presents an amazing collection of 75 designs and their stories - from Tsiolkovsky and Oberth's engineering papers, through the golden age of movie science fiction, up to the present day's Lockheed "VentureStar" and Rotary Rocket "Roton." Spaceflight historian Hagerty delves into the background story behind each design, examining the motivations of the designers in the context of the times in which they lived…

Submitted:Sep 17, 2005
Author:Jack Hagerty; Jon C. Rogers
Brand:ARA Press
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Category:Crafts & Hobbies
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Spaceship Handbook!

"(T)his is a book about spaceships. Some are the pipe dreams of early pioneers ... Others are based on ... the "glory days" of the classic spaceship, the 1950s ... There are also ships from movies and comic strips, as well as "might have beens" that in some cases were months from being flown"