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There's Moore to Life

Have you ever felt lost, lonely, and became your own worst enemy? I had never thought I would become the person I did. Alcohol and drugs had been the highlight of my life. I would do pretty much anything for them, including lying, stealing, and robbing others to feed my own addictions. I became a very angry man over the years and did a lot of jail time because of my associations and behaviour. After almost 30 convictions, 17 years of drinking and drugging, I finally became emotionally numb and did not know how to react to anyone or anything. On September 7th, 2005, I started an even harder journey to break free from the way I was living…

Submitted:Aug 22, 2011
Author:Robert Moore
Brand:Ardith Publishing
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2 diggs • 0 comments • Aug 22, 2011 There's Moore to Life (9780986915208): Robert Moore: Books There's Moore to Life (9780986915208): Robert Moore: Books