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Scattered Suns (The Saga of Seven Suns, Book 4)

One of the today's most successful science fiction writers, Kevin J. Anderson is the author of many popular Star Wars and X-Files novels, as well as his bestselling Dune prequels, coauthored with Brian Herbert. Now Anderson returns with a stunning new chapter in the Saga of Seven Suns, his boldly imagined epic of interstellar intrigue and adventure... The war between the alien hydrogues and the faeros rages, reducing suns to blackened shells-including one of the fabled seven suns of the Ildiran Empire. Instead of protecting themselves, the Ildirans engage in bloody civil war and the many factions of humanity are bitterly divided…

Submitted:Jul 17, 2005
Author:Kevin J. Anderson
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Category:Literature & Fiction
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The Saga of Seven Suns, Book 4. Scattered Suns comes out monday

the 4th book of a this great scifi books series comes out monday and if you order it now you can get it by the 19th. if you never read any of the saga of seven suns pick one up there great books