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ATI Technologies 100-714127 HD-TV Wonder

With the HDTV WONDER you’ll enjoy crystal clear HDTV on your current PC monitor with digital audio for a fraction of the price of a HDTV television. HDTV offers over twice the resolution and clarity of DVD’s! Experience free-to-air HDTV broadcasts which reach 99% of USA households with the included antenna and save on cable and satellite charges! Plus, you can view both analog and digital TV shows or burn them to CD or DVD and create an entertainment library. The HDTV WONDER is the perfect PC multimedia companion to your Microsoft DirectX 9.0 supported video card

Submitted:Aug 23, 2006
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Category:Graphics Cards
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Firms Who Hire Illegal Immigrants Sued

Business and anti illegal immigration trying to uphold the law by suing businesses that use illegal workers to undermine their competitors. There is an estimated 11 million illegal undocumented workers in the country.