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21 Erased

The code is your identity, your bank account, your credit card, the bus fare…your existence. When they take it away, you disappear like you never lived at all. All it takes is a moment and you’re no longer a human being…you’re nothing. Everything you thought you owned is shattering into pieces in front of your eyes, you’re disappearing without leaving a single trace of your existence. You were that insignificant. The system had you that much, nothing was yours but the illusion. They own your life. When you got in their way, they spat you out like a chewing gum that lost its flavor. You no longer exist. You have been erased……

Submitted:Nov 7, 2011
Author:Barbara Rayne
Brand:Barbara Rayne
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2 diggs • 0 comments • Nov 7, 2011 21 Erased eBook: Barbara Rayne: Kindle Store

Who is "21Erased" intended for? The book addresses special readers, those who have the speed of thinking, sharp observations, and whose mind understands immediately. Those who need extensive descriptions to have enough time for their mind to adjust, whose mind wanders off, those find it too quick, need explaining what just hit them. With just one sentence, the main character's world is opening up in front of your eyes. All the rules of that harsh life are outlined and you are drawn into the plot breathless.You'll find yourself breathing with her, tense and living her life. You are a special reader because the book itself is special. Only intelligent mind that connects everything in an instant, that sees the traps and lies in a life around him, is the one that will breathe with this book. You will recognize some things that are in all regimes - you cannot fool the intelligence. We see...