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Rapid Travel Charger for iPod

Compatibility: Apple iPod 3rd Generation, Apple iPod Mini, Apple iPod Nano, Apple iPod 4th Generation, Apple iPod Photo, Apple iPod Video, Apple iPhone. "This Home Charger Does Not Work For Apple Ipod Shuffle"

Submitted:May 17, 2006
Total comments:7
15 diggs • 1 comment • Jan 10, 2007

ipod Wall Charger for 1 Cent on Amazon

Only 18 left but if you buy it with the rapid car charger your grand total comes to 0.02 cents. Not a bad deal at all.

13 diggs • 1 comment • May 17, 2006

IPod Home and Travel Charger $0.97

They state List Price at $39.99 but most are going for $6-$10 97 cents is a deal

10 diggs • 2 comments • Jun 13, 2006

Apple iPod Charger...95 Cents!!!

It is true...i just got mine in the mail...95 cents for this charger. It does the job just fine.

4 diggs • 3 comments • Jan 6, 2007

$0.01 iPod Wall Charger

Appears legit: Brand new non-OEM. Work with all iPod with Docking connectors. Including iPod Video, Nano, 3G, 4G, iPod Mini, iPod Photo.