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Dance Dance Revolution Super Nova

The most popular dance game of all time enters its most explosive evolutionary stage. The all-new Dance Dance Revolution Super Nova will keep the dancers bopping to over 300 tracks. Fast stepping, hot dancing arcade action has never been this fun. DDR has raised the bar with a whole host of competitive features that will keep dancers clamoring to groove on the step-sensitive dance floor. Features include a 2-player battle mode, improved graphics, choice of music videos and 4 player modes…

Submitted:Jan 5, 2007
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Category:Video Games
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Amazon Sells DDR Machines

Ever wanted your own DDR machine? And I'm not talking one of those dinky setups where you tape a pad to some plywood. They're on sale now at Amazon. Plus if you act quickly, you can save well over 2000 dollars! What a deal!

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Own Your Own Dance Dance Revolution Arcade

Own your very own DDR Arcade for only $17,999.00!! You save $2,699.85! What a steal! NOT!!