Sinking The Tide

Merging the ecstatic vocals of Alicia Eileen and Janell Rodriguez with the distinctive production style of Fletcher, Seven Minus Zero has created a cinematic journey of words and music. Combining elements of Electronica, Dance and Ambient Pop, this trio from NYC has created a unique hybrid of sound that can only be described as atmospheric, yet danceable…

Submitted:Mar 26, 2007
Brand:Bluleaf Recordings
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Category:Dance Pop
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Reviewer Owns Band's Attempt to Fake Reviews

There's an up and coming band named Seven Minus Zero. Crappy Synth, but besides the point. They decided to lie to customers on the Itunes music store & Amazon by posting fake reviews. The reviewer catches them in a lie. READ THE REVIEWS, COMMENTS, AND HAVE A LAUGH! I guess Sony isnt the only one to lie for a crappy product.