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Borat Mankini Green Thong Swimsuit Costume

My name-a Borat, I like-a you, I like sex, iis nice!

Uses include fighting Uzbekies, stealing gypsy tears, ping pong, disco dance, making reportings, finding new wife, and other cultural learning for make benefit glorious nation of Kazakhstan.

Make the girls say waa waa wee waa, but be careful that your rhhaam does not fall out of this officially licensed stretch lycra Borat Mankini.

This item cannot be returned if removed from the original sealed packaging…

Submitted:Jul 27, 2008
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5 diggs • 0 comments • Jul 27, 2008

Ever wonder where Borat buys his clothes?

How Much?

3 diggs • 0 comments • Jul 28, 2008

Borat Mankini - Only $17.99 @

My 13-year old wife complain that I wear my Mankini too much. Like when I go for store to get ice cream. She is jealous!

1 diggs • 0 comments • Apr 10, 2009

Borat Mankini Swimsuit now 50% OFF!

Borat Mankini Swimsuit Costume Suspender Thong Green Price: $23.99 Sale: $11.99 You Save: $12.00 (50%) Special Offers Available In Stock.

1 diggs • 0 comments • Aug 1, 2008

Wow they actually sell the Borat Thong Swimsuit!!!

See it to believe it. Cheap at $17.99

1 diggs • 0 comments • Jul 27, 2008

You have got to read the comments!

Great comments for a great product!