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Nature Sounds with Brainwave Entrainment and Meditation Music - "Nature Wonders"

Mini-Sync audio is a new and fresh way to enjoy and experience brainwave entrainment. Each track is designed to give you a quick entrainment boost within a few minutes, with all the benefits of a regular session. Nature Wonders features seven tracks each containing rich audio from sources of nature, combined with soothing music and powerful brainwave entrainment. [Album Length: 68 minutes]

CD Tracks:

1. Forest - Theta Frequency

2. Night - Delta Frequency

3. Rain - Alpha Frequency

4. Sea - Alpha Frequency

5. River - Theta Frequency

6. Thunder - Alpha Frequency

7. Waterfall - Theta Frequency…

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Rise And Sparkle With Nature Sound Calendar Alarm Clock

Such tracks may feature nature sounds such as running water or crackling flames, pink/brown noise or synthesised sounds that are soothing in nature. Music tracks and nature sounds - A wide variety of sounds that will keep you entertained are important.


Lucid Dreaming - Symphony of Dreams: Astral Edition - Enter the world of Lucid Dreams

Learn how to lucid dream, become conscious of your dreams and even control them with the assistance of Brainwave-Sync's 'Symphony of Dreams' brainwave entrainment CD. Listen to this CD whilst you sleep and your brainwaves will be altered effectively and safely so that a Lucid Dream can be induced…

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Binaural Beat - Do Binaural Beats Really Exist Or Is It All In Your Mind?

The beta brainwave state is what is generally regarded as the conscious, waking state of consciousness. Unknown to me at the time, (The Internet didn't yet exist in its present form.) many other people were having just as much fun and using their own methods and techniques.