Physics for Scientists and Engineers (with PhysicsNOW and InfoTrac )

This best-selling, calculus-based text is recognized for its carefully crafted, logical presentation of the basic concepts and principles of physics. PHYSICS FOR SCIENTISTS AND ENGINEERS, Sixth Edition, maintains the Serway traditions of concise writing for the students, carefully thought-out problem sets and worked examples, and evolving educational pedagogy. This edition introduces a new co-author, Dr. John Jewett, at Cal Poly – Pomona, known best for his teaching awards and his role in the recently published PRINCIPLES OF PHYSICS, Third Edition, also written with Ray Serway…

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Author:Raymond A. Serway
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Love Phyiscs? Here's the book for you!

This is the book we use in my college Physics classes. If you are interested in physics and want reliable information, it is recommendable, and you can get it for under $60.