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USB 2.0 Busdrive 64GB Pro 2 Ver

Item #: H76595. Take your secure data anywhere with password protected BUSlink USB Flash Drive. It features blazing speed at 20 Mb/s read and 15 Mb/s write and sturdy, ribbed metal alloy case.The ultimate "storage on the go" device in the world! Carry gigabytes of data with you - right in your pocket. Smaller than a pack of gum and virtually weightless! This BUSlink USB Hi-Speed BusDrive is the next evolution in portable storage data.You can store any types of files on it. You can even run application and play multimedia files off the device. It provides direct random access to your files; you can directly read, write, and erase any files on it…

Submitted:Aug 25, 2007
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Category:USB Flash Drives
4 diggs • 0 comments • Aug 25, 2007 User Review of 64GB Flash Drive - Priceless

"A few months ago when I returned from the war my life was looking pretty bleak. I was distraught and had no where to turn. But then, from the heavens Busdrive created a 64GB jump drive..."

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64GB Flash drive...only $3,593.16!

Be the talk of the town when you purchase this badboy


i-rocks Superman Optical Mouse (Red)

pThe SP-7000 optical mouse is equipped with Avagos precise 800dpi high-speed optical engine optical sensor technology, giving it faster movement, and more precise positioning, in addition, it comes with a fast-scrolling function button, making it one of the coolest and most anticipated products for veterans who pursue excellent speed and performance…

Submitted:Jul 1, 2006
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Category:Basic Mice
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Supermouse, able to leap tall desktop in a single bound.

Its a bird, its a plane, its the coolest mouse for superman fans.