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Cavalry 300 GB External Hard Drive Mobile Solution with One Touch OS Backup USB 2.0 ( CAUC35300 )

There are a myriad of external hard drives on the market and our Cavalry product experts are familiar with all of them. However this one is exciting! What turned their heads about this Cavalry External USB 2.0 was its remarkable set of features. The Cavalry offers back up data file operation and a complete restore of your OS! If you loose your OS information on your hard drive, you just boot form your external device. The external hard drive boasts exceptional heat dissipation, remarkable durability, state-of-the art shock absorption, leading-edge versatility and superior all-around performance…

Submitted:May 22, 2006
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Category:External Hard Drives
4 diggs • 2 comments • May 22, 2006

Cavalry 300 GB External HD $149.00

Listed Price is $269.00 They normally go for about $200, Price is only $149 and no rebates to hassle with.