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The Alphabet Of Manliness (revised)

Finally, a book that guarantees your balls will be stomped; a book so manly that it will make even the burliest of men (and in some cases, the burliest of women) feel inadequate. So manly, it needs to be shaved: "The Alphabet of Manliness". This collection of sacred writings may very well be the greatest compilation of all things manly throughout history. This book is only for the saltiest, hairiest, most rugged son of a bitch out there. However, it would be selfish to keep it for myself, so feel free to buy a copy. This humble tome of wisdom is a tribute to all men who toil away at work every day, getting their balls busted, or busting balls…

Submitted:Aug 18, 2009
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The Alphabet of Manliness: Extended Edition in stores 8/25

Maddox is releasing a revised version of The Alphabet of Manliness- in stores soon.