The Survivors (Life After War: A Post Apocalyptic Fantasy Series)

"This new world has become a harsh, merciless existence where nature tries hard to push mankind to the brink of extinction. Everything is against us, between us...

Untold miles of lawless, post-apocalyptic roads wait for our feet, and the Future, cold and dark, offers little comfort. Without CHANGE, there will be no peace. Only Survivors."…

Submitted:Sep 28, 2011
Author:Angela White
Brand:Cloud 9 Publicatioins
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The Survivors: Book One (Life After War) eBook

Seven gifted survivors are destined to rebuild the US after a nuclear apocalypse. If they can stay alive enough...

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The Survivors Life After War: A Post Apocalyptic Fantasy Series

The Survivors (Life After War: A Post Apocalyptic Fantasy Series) kindle edition I believe that every one should try to get this book its not of much price acquire this book right now. This publication has an impressive story line! I love these kinds of kind of tragedy stories, they keep me on the edge of my seat. I was very busy and after reading through it I had to go obtain the next one. The e-book has been a little more unnatural than I was anticipating and there was quite a bit of violence, but I was so engrossed in the story that I just had to see how it finished.