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Tall Tales: A Short Story Collection By GW Gresham

While GW Gresham was writing his novel, "Perfect Lies" he wrote down his ideas for future novels as they came to him. This collection of short stories are those ideas captured from his imagination and written into short stories.

"The Ride" and "The Button" are short short stories that are quick ideas that you can read in just a few minutes. The other short stories are longer, enjoyable to read and easy to consume.

You will quickly realize that GW Gresham loves to twist the ending. This collection of 6 short stories and 2 short short stories is not only entertaining but will definitely have you wanting to read more…

Submitted:Feb 15, 2012
Author:GW Gresham
Brand:Coyotee Publishing
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Category:Short Stories
3 diggs • 0 comments • Feb 15, 2012

Tall Tales: A Short Story Collection By GW Gresham

If you like Twilight Zone type of stories that have a twist ending, let the adventures begin.