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Installing Linux on a Dead Badger

Installing Linux on a Dead Badger (and Other Oddities) contains a dozen stories to amuse any fan of technology humor or science fictional dark comedy. Many of the stories are what Green Man Review has dubbed "cyberzombie humor"; the title story is one of the most popular features ever posted at the acclaimed science fiction magazine Strange Horizons. The satiric tales are accompanied by 14 black-and-white illustrations from DE Christman and Malcolm McClinton.

Teen Linux gang mayhem. Trolls gone wild. A vampire's guide to management. Your corporate network and the forces of darkness. And much more ...…

Submitted:Dec 17, 2007
Author:Lucy A. Snyder
Brand:Creative Guy Publishing
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5 diggs • 0 comments • Dec 17, 2007

Installing Linux on a Dead Badger

already ordered a few copies for my co-workers...