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44 Charles Street: A Novel

A magical transformation takes place in Danielle Steel’s luminous new novel: Strangers become roommates, roommates become friends, and friends become a family in a turn-of-the-century house in Manhattan’s West Village.

The plumbing leaked; the furniture was rescued from garage sales. And every inch was being restored to its original splendor—even as a relationship fell apart. Owner of a struggling art gallery and newly separated from her boyfriend, Francesca Thayer does the math and then the unimaginable. She puts out an advertisement for boarders, and soon her Greenwich Village house becomes a whole new world. First comes Eileen, a pretty L.A…

Submitted:Jan 27, 2011
Author:Danielle Steel
Brand:Delacorte Press
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Category:Literature & Fiction
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The Google Story

"Here is the story behind one of the most remarkable Internet successes of our time. Based on scrupulous research and extraordinary access to Google, the book takes you inside the creation and growth of a company whose name is a favorite brand and a standard verb recognized around the world. Its stock is worth more than General Motors’ and Ford’s combined, its staff eats for free in a dining room that used to berunby the Grateful Dead’s former chef, and its employees traverse the firm’s colorful Silicon Valley campus on scooters and inline skates…

Submitted:Jan 5, 2006
Author:David A. Vise
Brand:Delacorte Press
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Category:Company Profiles
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The Google Story (Book)

So, how did Google go from a rather tame search page to being one of the most valuable companies in the internet world? Oh, there's a book that'll tell me the whole story? Cool!