Dude, Did I Steal Your Job? Debugging Indian Computer Programmers

The backlash against outsourcing American jobs to countries like India had transformed into an anti-immigrant and anti-Indian atmosphere lately. While looking at outsourcing and high-tech visa programs from a completely different angle --and giving an enjoyable account of Indian programmers -- this book answers, in an extremely balanced way, the following complicated questions that have been raised by many American programmers, talkshow hosts, news anchors and politicians:

. If outsourcing is inevitable, what’s next for Americans?

· Did America really benefit from immigrant programmers?

Submitted:Apr 29, 2008
Author:N. Sivakumar
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Dude, Did I steal your job, book

This is not an article, it is a book on Amazon. This is a book about understanding Indian Computer Programmers. But take a look at the Key phrases. "curry smell" is a key phrase. How funny is that.