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Leading from the Inside-Out: Using the Barrett Leadership Model to Achieve Sustainable Happiness by Creating and Pursuing the Fulfillment of Your Life's Vision

After years of self-inquiry and discovery, coupled with significant academic research in the field of leadership development, Dr. Barrett, Ph.D., M.S. is now ready to teach you what it takes to become the leader of your life. By embracing the concepts and developing the eleven leadership practices discussed in this book, you will begin to function as a leader by taking charge of your life and all that it encompasses. The Barrett Leadership Model is not a feel good motivational theory; rather it is a practical guide to achieving sustainable happiness through the creation and pursuit of your life's vision. There are no secrets or hidden messages here…

Submitted:Jul 6, 2008
Author:Dr. Mario O. Barrett III
Brand:Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
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Lead Your Life-Pursue Your Life's Vision

Take a look at Dr. Barrett's insightful book into personal leadership development. It will change your life for the better.