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Family Guy, Vol. 3 (Season 4, Part 1)

Fans will have to wait no longer for the next Volume of Family Guy on DVD! The hilarious first part of Emmy nominated Season 4 will have you laughing like you've never laughed before. Edgier and more irreverant than ever, you'll forget you've ever heard the term "Politically Correct!" The must-have DVD of the season -- any self-respecting guy will own Family Guy Volume 3 on November 29th…

Submitted:Aug 21, 2005
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Family Guy, Vol. 3 pre-order for $25.99

Amazon is offering the Family Guy, Vol 3 DVD pre-order (It ships November 29th) for $25.99. Includes free shipping.

22 diggs • 4 comments • Nov 28, 2005

Family Guy Volume 3 relased only weeks after episode release

The TV studios are finally getting smart and not waiting years to release the DVDs of their shows. This may give people less of an excuse to download the latest episodes (dang!).

8 diggs • 3 comments • Aug 21, 2005

Family Guy: Volume 3

Family guy volume 3 out in November

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Family Guy, Vol. 3 DVD Released Today

Pick up your copy of the latest season of Family Guy today.