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Fossil Abacus AU5006 Wrist PDA with Palm OS - Brown Croco

Submitted:Oct 4, 2005
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Category:Casual Watches
6 diggs • 1 comment • Dec 14, 2005

Fossil Abacus AU5006 Wrist PDA with Palm OS - $29

This is essentially a fully functional PDA running Palm OS 4.1 that you wear as a watch. With this watch you can manage ppointments, address storage, memos, and all the other features of the Palm OS. I may look geeky wearing it but that's "in" these days. Shipping is free.

4 diggs • 0 comments • Oct 4, 2005

Fossil Write PDA with Palm OS $29.99 w/Free Shipping

Only problem, it's maked "In stock soon. Order now to get in line. First come, first served." However, they do claim you can cancel anytime before shipped and you won't be charged.