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Growing Food: A Guide for Beginners

Can You Survive Without a Grocery Store?

It has been a long time since American’s were worried that they might have to answer that question. But recent economic and food safety concerns have contributed to a new local food movement. Communities are talking about increasing independence from the supply chain, finding ways to be self-sufficient and taking charge of our own future. Many people have decided to start a vegetable garden…and you can’t be any more local than that!

Submitted:Mar 30, 2009
Author:Jean Ann Van Krevelen
Brand:Gardener to Farmer Publishing
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Category:Canning & Preserving
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Growing Food: A Guide for Beginners Kindle, iPhone book

For the first time in gardening history, there is finally a resource that combines written information with live online interaction. Van Krevelen?s ?Growing Food" teaches beginning gardeners everything they need to know about how to plant, harvest, prepare and store the top ten vegetables in simple terms with step by step instructions.