Gateway 420GR Desktop PC (2.93 GHz Pentium 4, 512 MB RAM, 160 GB Hard Drive, DVD+/-RW Drive, CD-ROM Drive)

Gateway 420GR Desktop PC includes: 420GR Central Desktop Unit, Premium Multimedia Keyboard, 2-Button Wheel Mouse, Amplified Stereo Speakers. Pre-installed Software includes Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, Microsoft Works 8.0, Money 2004, Picture It Premium, Encarta Online, Adobe Acrobat Reader, Nero 6 Suite, Big Fix, AOL 9.0 with 3 months free membership, 90 Day Complimentary subscription to Norton AntiVirus 2004, and more…

Submitted:Dec 8, 2005
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8 diggs • 3 comments • Dec 8, 2005

512gigs of ram in a gateway box!

Holy crap, 512 Gigs of ram in a piece of crap gateway! I guess I'm getting a cowbox!