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Transformed Man

William Shatner, The Transformed Man

Submitted:Apr 18, 2009
Brand:Geffen Records
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Category:Broadway & Vocalists
2 diggs • 0 comments • Apr 18, 2009

The hell was William Shatner doing!!!!!!!!!!!

This must be the Gayest thing he's ever done!!!


Make Believe (Dig)

Taking three-years between albums has made Weezer grow slower and more sober. But on its fifth disc the Los Angeles quartet is no more secure about its place in the world than it was a decade ago in longing tunes like "The World Has Turned And Left Me Here." Singer Rivers Cuomo, still struggling with adolescence at 34, is all apologies…

Submitted:May 10, 2005
Brand:Geffen Records
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Category:Hardcore & Punk
9 diggs • 2 comments • May 10, 2005

Weezer's new album Make Believe released today.

Weezer's first album in 3 years is released today. It sounds a bit more like the Weezer of the Blue Album and Pinkerton. Check it out.