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GoVideo DP8240 Off-Road Portable DVD Player with 8.4-Inch LCD Screen

GoVideo DP8240 Portable DVD Player has a rugged OFF-ROAD design for durable entertainment on the go. Sure, you can use it in your car or inside your boat as well. You can use it at home too. But if you wanted to go hiking or camping, this player is designed to withstand most of the average tumble shocks that go along with those activities. This player adapts to your lifestyle, which is what you should expect…

Submitted:Nov 14, 2005
Brand:Go Video
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Category:Portable DVD Players
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Dvd Mp3 Jpeg Games Player for Car Free Shipping NO Rebates $159 (List $299)

Plays DVDs, DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW, Music CDs, Kodak Picture CDs, MP3 audio and JPEG image files on CD-R/RW. Has A/V out & Digital Coaxial audio out. A/V input (camcorder, video game, etc) Remote control, car adapter/charger, AC adapter/charger, A/V cables, and rechargeable battery. Built-in stereo speakers.