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iHolder iPad Stand (WiFi/WiFi+3G)

iPads are wonderful, when you're on the move. When you'd like to have your iPad more stationary and secure, though, there's the iHolder. It allows you to store and use your iPad safely and comfortably at home. After all, there are times when it's more convenient to have a desktop computer feel. Another interesting thing about the iHolder is that it offers a rotating stand. So, not only can you make it look like an iMac, but you can also turn it for vertical viewing, when needed. That makes the iHolder extremely convenient, since it will allow you to use your iPad in any position that you want or need to. Not everyone likes to view their computer at the same height or angle…

Submitted:Dec 10, 2010
Brand:Green Figure
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Category:Touch Screen Tablet Accessories
3 diggs • 0 comments • Dec 10, 2010 iHolder iPad Stand (WiFi/WiFi+3G): Electronics iHolder iPad Stand (WiFi/WiFi+3G): Electronics