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Deluxe Lookout Car Seat Black

The Snoozer Lookout dog car seat gives your pet the perfect place to ride while on the move. Made with a lamb's wool interior the Lookout I car seat is sure to provide a cozy and safe place for your pet while in your car. Available in a variety of colors you are sure to find the perfect car seat to match you and your pet. For added convenience include the Lookout Travel Rack allows your pet to have food and water while on the go. Connection strap included for the seat belt to join the harness…

Submitted:Jun 15, 2010
Brand:Happy Pet Travel
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Category:Booster Seats & Harnesses
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more info please No where in your description of this product do you mention the weight limit for dogs. Most Snoozer car seats state whether they're for dogs up to 25 lbs, or over 25 lbs. It's important to mention this in your description so customers don't assume their dogs will fit in it.

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Snoozer Pet Car Seat Lookout (Misc.)Bought this seat several years ago and it was a big success with our Bichon who didn't know what it was to be able to stick his nose out the window and feel the wind in his face. Now when we say, "Want to go for a ride in the car?" he's the first one at the door.