Good Earth Organics Vermiculite 16002

8 QT, Horticultural Vermiculite, An Efficient & Popular Soil Conditioner, Loosens Soild, Provides Aeration, Retains Water, Can Be Used To Start Seeds, Propogate Cuttings, & Store Bulbs, Blend With Peat Moss & Perlite For A Custom Soilless Mix…

Submitted:Apr 3, 2010
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People also purchased necessities to grow shrooms!

These kids aren't buying the necessities to make magical mushrooms, now way! Just some organic rice flour for some healthy bread, perlite for the garden, and 1/2 quart jars to make jelly, right?

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Customers also bought everything you need to grow shrooms!

Gotta love Amazon.com for this one. Check out the "also bought" section. These kids aren't buying the necessities for home grown shrooms, no, NEVER, just some vermiculite for the garden, organic rice flour to bake healthy bread and some jars to make homemade jelly, right?