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Spoiling for a Fight: The Rise of Eliot Spitzer

"Compelling, suspenseful, and deeply reported . . . Masters gives a dramatic inside account of the fight between Spitzer and the titans of finance."--Newsday Few politicians have burst onto the American scene with as much impact as Eliot Spitzer. As New York's attorney general, he exposed wrongdoing by stock analysts, mutual fund managers, and insurance brokers, and investigated corporations that have misled or defrauded ordinary investors and consumers. And as the next governor of New York, Spitzer is now a rising star on the national political scene.

No reporter has had better or more complete behind-the-scenes access to Spitzer than Brooke A…

Submitted:Mar 11, 2008
Author:Brooke A. Masters
Brand:Holt Paperbacks
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Spoiling for a Fight: The Rise of Eliot Spitzer

Revealing portrait of the politician who has brought down some of the biggest names in American finance and has set his sights on higher office.