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Remanufactured HUMAX T800F 80 Hour Digital Video Recorder with TiVo

Record up to 80 hours of television without the hassles of videotapes. Control live TV, pause rewind, slow-motion, instant replay any channel anytime. Electronic program guide provides the TiVo series2 DVR with up to 14 days of program guide data. Smart Recording detects line up changes, adjusts recording time automatically and even skips reruns. The ergonomically engineered remote control puts the power to pause, rewind, slow-mo and record right at your finger tips…

Submitted:Oct 25, 2005
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Category:Digital Media Devices
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Remanufactured HUMAX T800F 80 Hour DVR with TiVo $49

Features: * Lets user pause, rewind, slow down, or provide instant replay for any channel, anytime * Offers electronic program guide (with 14 days of program data) and Wish List searches * Remanufactured to like-new condition; 90-day warranty * Records up to 80 hours of TV entertainment without the hassles of videotape