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A Stranger's Map

Sometimes, it takes a stranger to lead us home.

In Sudan, nineteen-year-old Ayen returns home after gathering water with her child to find their village destroyed by soldiers. The overcrowded refugee camp is not much safer, but Ayen takes a job in the infirmary, using skills her father taught her. While protecting her toddler during an attack, Ayen is left unconscious and badly burned. Dreaming of her father, Ayen reaches out her hand. She is not alone.

Across the world in Australia, Thomas McAllister wrestles with paralyzing guilt over his son’s suicide and his daughter Kathryn’s unresolved anger…

Submitted:Jun 10, 2009
Author:Meryl McQueen
Brand:Indigo Falls Press
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3 diggs • 1 comment • Jun 10, 2009

Sudan from a refugee's perspective--more than a headline

You've read the newspapers--Darfur, Southern Sudan, incursions from militia in northern Uganda. Now go behind the scenes to a story that captures the experience of being a refugee from the inside out. Skip the soundbites, ignore the sensationalist headlines, and get a real understanding of what it's like to live on the margins of a desperate world.