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Kickback: Confessions of a Mortgage Salesman

I confess. I stole thousands of dollars. Maybe even thousands of your dollars. Oh, I was never tried and put in prison for it. What I did was perfectly legal. And it is done every day in professional-looking offices all across the country. But let me explain. I was a mortgage loan officer. (Actually, a senior loan officer.) You'd know my mortgage company. They advertise a lot- on the radio, billboards, and telephone directory covers. The same place the "ambulance-chaser" lawyers advertise. Looking for the naive, unsophisticated buyers. Many of my clients needlessly paid me thousands of extra dollars in fees on their mortgages and refinancing transactions…

Submitted:Mar 28, 2007
Author:Ted Janusz
Brand:Insight Publishing
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Top 10 Mortgage Mistakes

This list was made by Ted Janusz, a former Mortgage Salesman interested in helping borrowers get a fair deal:1. Not knowing which mortgage fees the borrower can and cannot negotiate. 2. Choosing and trusting the first loan officer the borrower interviews. Shop around. 3. Using an interest-only or “payment option” adjustable-rate loan pr