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No Momma's Boy: How I Let Go of My Past and Embraced the Future

Tired of keeping his life-long secrets, author Dominic Carter, described by some as the best of New York’s political television reporters, shares his remarkable, gut-wrenching story of abuse at the hands of his mother in No Momma’s Boy.

Shortly after his mother’s death, Carter obtains her psychiatric records to learn more about the extent of her struggles. He always knew she was plagued by mental illness, but because of their limited relationship, he never truly understood its severity. In addition to revealing that she was a paranoid schizophrenic, the records contain shocking secrets from his past of which he has little or no recollection…

Submitted:Jul 15, 2011
Author:Dominic Carter
Brand:iUniverse, Inc.
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The remarkable life story of journalist Dominic Carter

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Amazing Life story of journalist Dominic Carter. From the housing projects of NYC to the top of the journalism world. No Momma's Boy: How I Let Go of My Past and Embraced the Future (9780595428397): Dominic Carter: Books


Muse: From Fancy unto the Genuineness of Ryeo-Won Jeong

MUSE is a book inside a book (based on taijitu: yin and yang). The story revolves around Eneg Reteg, a Dutch author who comes up with an idea for his next book.

Instead of making up an erotic story, he will find a submissive woman to inspire him and literally, fulfill his sexual fantasies as he writes about them. Eneg meets many different women by placing ads in newspapers and online, but unfortunately, he is indecisive choosing the perfect one for the job.

On the verge of giving up, Eneg meets in a movie theater, Sela Oh, a young beautiful Korean woman with henna designs on her hands and feet…

Submitted:Feb 20, 2008
Author:Gene Geter
Brand:iUniverse, Inc.
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Are Korean women hotter than all Asian women put together?

XXX written in a beautiful way, yes a beautiful way. It is called Muse about a Dutch author who hires a Korean woman to be his sexual muse. Did the author succeed in completing and fulfilling all his fantasies for the book?

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Read any good shocking Asian erotica books lately?

For those who don't often listen to their inner wants and needs, please do not get discouraged by the first half of the book which may prove to be overbearing. Towards the end of this book you are consumed with a feeling of desire and are hit with a true force of reality. You will not experience another book like this.