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World of Warcraft Murlocos Tacos T-Shirt

Tired of eating cooked bear meat day after day? For years, the good folks at Murlocos Tacos have been serving quality Murloc dishes made from only the freshest ingredients. Hungry adventurers fly from the farthest-reaching zones to sample our cuisine. Not convinced? Take one bite of our zesty signature Murloco Taco Supreme and let your taste buds decide!

Submitted:Jun 23, 2009
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Hilarious World of Warcraft Murloc Taco T-Shirt Review

Check out the review of this World of Warcraft Murloc Taco T-Shirt on it is hilarious. For all of you WoW players out there - you may find this one extremely funny.The review that you are looking for is the one writtin by someone named Ascilion. There are only 9 reviews so it is easy to find.

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Funny World of Warcraft Murloc T-Shirt Review

Stumbled upon this when looking for a shirt for my brothers b-day. This is a pretty funny review of a 'Murloc Taco' World of Warcraft t-shirt. Had me ROFL. So I thought I would share it with you.