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FutureSex / LoveSounds

Come Along with JT through his own groovin' universe of FutureSex/LoveSounds, co-written by Justin Timberlake and produced by Justin Timberlake, JAWBreakers, Timbaland,, and Rick Rubin, among others. Guest artists include TI, Three Six Mafia, and Hezekiah Walker. Obviously, there is no shortage of talent…

Submitted:Jan 25, 2007
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Justin Timberlake - FutureSex / LoveSounds

One spin of FutureSex/LoveSounds and it's hard to believe that Justin Timberlake was ever a boy-band barnstormer--no modern-day male artist beats him when it comes to single-minded self assurance or suavity. "SexyBack," the inescapable summer sizzler of a first single off this short and thrillingly unwholesome disc, makes that clear on its own:


10,000 Days

Sonically relentless and visually groundbreaking only begin to describe the Tool experience. Formed in Los Angeles, CA in 1990, Tool has cemented themselves in today's hard music community with uncompromising attitude and vision. With just one EP and three album releases over a 15-year span, Tool has created a loyal and even rabid fan base, selling over 10 million albums and half a million videos in the U.S. alone…

Submitted:Mar 22, 2006
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New Tool album "10,000 Days" available for pre-order on Amazon!

The long awaited Tool album is finally on Amazon, cover and all.


Mtv Unplugged

First they went platinum...Now they're going green. Your best loved music in its simplest form. 20 best-selling "Greatest Hits" & "Best of" collections now available in a new eco-friendly package. 1CD in card wallet packaging - no plastic, no booklet - just great music! Booklets are available online through a unique URL on the package…

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Amazon Continues Selling Sony CDs With Broken DRM!!!

The linked Amazon music page includes the warning, "This Sony CD includes SunnComm MediaMax Version 5 content protection software that may expose security vulnerability when played on PCs." Seeing how it has been months since Sony was quite publicly requested to recall its MediaMax DRMd CDs, WHAT ON EARTH IS AMAZON DOING STILL SELLING THIS TRASH?