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Portable Homebrew Dispensing Kit

Instantly serve beer from your homebrew tank, anywhere! This compact kit includes all of the homebrew supplies you need to make your 5-gallon homebrew tank portable and serve your finished, carbonated beer straight from the tank. This Cornelius keg tap makes dispensing homebrew easy, even on the go! Features: Everything you need to serve beer from your homebrew tank. Lets you serve your homebrew anywhere. Cannot be used to force carbonate beer. Tank is not included. Includes: Cornelius keg CO2 charger. Faucet to quick disconnect adapter. Keg charger CO2 refill cartridges - box of 2. Ball style quick disconnect - liquid. Ball style quick disconnect - gas…

Submitted:Sep 6, 2011
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Category:Beer Brewing
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How to Brew Beer At Home

Tak you ever attempted home made ale? Create your initial homebrew beer with these interesting manuals and you will be ingesting your own home brew that is certainly so good that will manufactured you believe industrial beers are terrible and you'll think in purchasing one yet again...