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Kingston flash memory card - 256 MB - miniSD ( SDM/256 )

Rely on Kingston's miniSD cards to maximize the performance of your feature-rich mobile device. These easy to handle cards are an exceptional boost to the latest mobile phones, PDAs, MP3s, digital cameras and other devices that can benefit from additional storage capacity. Save and store digital content effortlessly and then transfer it to other devices as needed with the full-size SD adapter that comes with each card. Transfer rates are the same with or without the adapter. Large storage capacities mean you'll always have room for a variety of digital content from images and maps to video clips, games, digital audio and more…

Submitted:Jul 5, 2007
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Category:Internal Desktop Components
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Beware Hidden Shipping Charges Through Amazon Vendors!

Amazon's system for letting other vendors sell through their site leaves a giant loophole to nail you on shipping fees. Take this memory card, on sale for a penny. You'd almost buy it on principle, right? What you don't see until you've completed the order is the FORTY-DOLLAR SHIPPING FEE, and that's per item!

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$0.09 Kingston flash memory card - 256 MB - miniSD From Amazon!

Buy a Kingston flash memory card - 256 MB from Amazon for only 9cents!


Kingston Data Traveler 1 GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive DTI/1GB

Usb Drive, Data Traveler 1gb

Submitted:Dec 11, 2006
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Category:USB Flash Drives
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1 GB Flash Drive for $15.99

No rebates, that's the price - and free super saver shipping. It's even kind of attractive looking, for a flash drive.

8 diggs • 3 comments • Feb 7, 2007

1GB Kingston USB Flash Drive for $6.58 on Amazon! NO REBATES! are selling Kingston Data Traveler 1 GB USB Flash Drive's for $6.58!

4 diggs • 1 comment • Jan 30, 2007

A very cheep Flash Drive has it 85% off for $6.58. A very good deal for 1 GB.

3 diggs • 1 comment • Dec 11, 2006

1GB flash drive measures 8 x 10 x 6 inches and weighs 2 pounds!

Well, sure, it's a bargain at 24 dollars, but it might be a little bit cumbersome to plug it into my laptop.


Kingston 1 GB Secure Digital Flash Card ( SD/1GB ) (Retail Package)

Designed for casual/intermediate photographersUp to 5MBps/1.5MBps read/write speeds

Submitted:Sep 18, 2006
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Category:Internal Desktop Components
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Kingston 1GB SD Flash Card for $12.99 is selling a Kingston 1GB SD card for $12.99 (before shipping cost) without any rebates or anything. If you are picking up something else on amazon and need an SD card, this is a great buy!


Kingston 512 MB Secure Digital Card (SD/512) (Retail Package)

SD memory cards from Kingston are built of nonvolatile memory components, meaning they keep the information stored on them without needing power. For added reliability and durability, our solidstate SD memory cards have no moving parts to wear out or break. Quickly and easily download and transfer secure digital files between various digital devices, a computer and the Internet. An SD memory card reader makes it easy to upload files from an SD memory card to a computer. The beauty of the SD memory card is its huge capacity in such a tiny package, making it an ideal expansion option for the smallest of devices

Submitted:May 19, 2006
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Category:Internal Desktop Components
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Kingston 512MB Secure Digital Card $11.75

They list it at $39.99 most go for $19-$16 No Rebates Needed. Great for storing digital photos.