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First Steps - Pre Wedding Planning 101 (Well-Planned Wedding Series)

So you found your prince charming. He swept you off your feet with romantic dates and fun memories you’ll never forget. Now he has asked you that question you’ve been dying to hear. Of all the flowers and chocolates he’s bought you and the little sentimental gifts, the sparkling diamond that now sits on your finger is the best of them all. You are getting married!

As excited as you are about that upcoming day if you’re like many women you are thinking - now what? I have so much to do – where do I start? This series is meant to help you answer that question and many more as you plan one of – if not THE – most exhaustive events of your life…

Submitted:Sep 11, 2011
Author:Rebecca Bourland
Brand:Layne Publications
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How to Survive Demanding Wedding Preparations and The Pre-marriage ceremony Blues

Preparing a Pre-Marriage ceremony Ladies' Luncheon

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Wedding Arranging 101: Hold It Easy With A Marriage ceremony Timeline For Brides And Grooms

Wedding Preparing 101: Maintain It Straightforward With A Wedding Timeline For Brides And Grooms