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The Perfect Store: Inside eBay

When Pierre Omidyar launched a clunky website from a spare bedroom over Labor Day weekend of 1995, he wanted to see if he could use the Internet to create a perfect market. He never guessed his old-computer-parts and Beanie Baby exchange would revolutionize the world of commerce. Now, Adam Cohen, the only journalist ever to get full access to the company, tells the remarkable story of eBay's rise. He describes how eBay built the most passionate community ever to form in cyberspace and forged a business that triumphed over larger, better-funded rivals…

Submitted:Jun 22, 2007
Author:Adam Cohen
Brand:Little, Brown
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Category:Company Profiles
7 diggs • 1 comment • Jun 22, 2007

DIGG designers read thisbefore making changes ( like comments disaster )

Learn from others mistakes. "The Perfect Store" about eBay is perhaps the best thing to read for anyone who has a website built around a community.. like DIGG. Its shows the mistakes that can be made, and the consequences of making big decisions without community backing.